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The 10 worst Things about Being a Phony: Who they are and what they do


Author of The Abomination Project



                   The 10 worst Things about Being a Phony: Who they are and what they do

I am sure you have heard about or read articles about alpha personality types and beta personality types. I am equally sure you have not heard about or read about gamma personality types or delta personality types. All of these personality types came from the psychologically scientific mind of Harrison Gough, Ph.D. in a psychological test he developed called the California Psychological Inventory.

This article will focus on describing who the media-fixated Alpha personality type are and what they do in a more scientific and less public relations way. Gough labelled them the externality-oriented, norm-favoring personality type. I label them the conservative extravert personality type and use the non-scientific term “phony” just for fun. I will be describing the 10 worst things about being a phony in a generalized way. Even though every phony is unique, they all more or less have the same personality characteristics.

10 worst things about being a phony.       

1.        Phonies comprise 25% of the population of the U.S. (and probably other countries as well) and are split almost equally between males and females just like the 3 other personality types. This is the most important worst thing because there are a lot of them.

2.       Phonies are committed to make as much money as possible during their lifetime. Accumulating money is their primary goal while the concept of having fun and pleasure is almost non-existent.     The high level of their greed suggests a diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder or severe addiction. They tend to judge the value of others using wealth, status, power, and ability to control as measures of success.

3.       Phonies tend to make everything they do to be dull, boring, and devoid of pleasure including school, work, sex, and even ordinary tasks of daily living. They are compelled to achieve and often engage in unethical and illegal behavior to achieve their goals.

4.       Phonies compulsively adhere to societal rules developed by established authority figures or institutions. They are rule-bound, and never develop a personal set of individual values. They join and support authoritarian organizations like religions, large corporations, military, and law enforcement. They don’t follow the “golden rule”. That is, treat others the way you want to be treated.

5.       Phonies have a high level of energy and have an exaggerated work ethic. They tend to be workaholics and have recently developed a 24/7 work schedule with the help of cell phone technology. Their days are spent going to places where phonies cluster, and they are constantly interacting with them. They avoid isolating themselves from others, and rarely engage in self-reflection.

6.       Phonies are not innovative or creative in anything they do. They are always thinking “inside of the box”. They are implementers. They follow orders without question and give orders without regard to the consequences of those orders.

7.       Phonies are ascetic, hypo-sexual, not easily sexually aroused, and have limited and less intense orgasms. They don’t like variety in their sexual partners so they are usually monogamous and maintain long-term marriages. They avoid trying creative ways of engaging in sexual behavior and the frequency and duration of sexual acts is limited.

8.       Phonies aggressively pursue their goals, and respond quickly and hostilely to verbal or physical threats. They often make assertions that are blatantly false, distorted, or lack any supportive data. They will say or do anything to achieve their goals.     

9.       Phonies experience very little stress and emotion so they tend to engage in what others would consider high-risk behavior.

10.   Phonies respond to the environment with their senses, and are not spiritual. They are not intuitive and are less imaginative in their thinking. They do not believe in ghosts, angels, UFOs, etc. although they may say they do to win the support and to control introverted personality types.

As you can see from this 10 worst list, phonies are marching to the beat of one drummer. How much they deviate from the demands of societal norms depends on how conservative and extroverted the individual phony is. And, of course, extraverted and introverted liberals are not going to conform to conservative norms. Conservative introverts often become nervous with the phony’s “in your face” aggressive attitude, but they also tend to conform to the phony’s demands submissively.

The political is personal and the personal is psychological.

Rick Jamrozy, Ph.D.  has had a practice in both Counseling and Organizational Psychology. The antagonists in his novel, “The Abomination Project” further describes the behavior, attitudes, and lifestyles of conservative extraverts (phonies). It also describes the behavior, attitudes, and lifestyles of liberal extraverts (players) who are the protagonists in the novel.

Copyright 2014 by Rick Jamrozy, Ph.D. All rights reserved. No part of this article may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author.      



Monday, September 12, 2011

Liberal companies need to hire

Demographic survey data has shown that Blacks and Hispanics have a higher rate of unemployment than Whites. Blacks and Hispanics tend to be more liberal than Whites, so I would conclude that the unemployment rate for liberals is much higher than for conservatives. How high I cannot estimate, but I am sure it will be a significant difference. To me it is clear that conservative companies deliberately laid off liberals to increase the overall unemployment rate. Why would they do that? Simple really. It provides them with a powerful issue to run on in the 2012 election. Conservatives want Obama gone after the election, and they want to build on the gains they made in 2010, especially in the Senate.
Conservative companies also received a number of other financial benefits by laying off liberals. Turnover of employees is down, as is recruitment and training costs. Productivity has increased markedly; lower level employee raises and bonuses have all but disappeared. Stock market prices have almost recovered to pre-recession levels, and executives are celebrating with salary increases and large bonuses. Conservative companies are flush with cash, but they are not spending it. Liberals who typically contribute to liberal candidate campaigns are unable to provide much in the way of contributions. Conservative companies love this current economic environment and certainly do not want it to change; certainly not before the election and maybe never.             
I have not seen any survey data clearly stating that liberals have a much higher rate of unemployment than conservatives. Demographic surveys and statistics clearly show minority groups with much higher unemployment rates, but white liberals are also being laid off at a higher rate than conservatives. Political polls could easily acquire this information during their surveys of the unemployed or potential voters by simply asking the question “Do you consider yourself more conservative or more liberal?” The polling data would probably also show that fewer liberals are registered to vote and fewer liberals are planning to vote in the 2012 election. Historically, liberal voter turnout has always been lower than conservative turnout and there are many psychological reasons for this fact which I may discuss in some future blog.    
Will publicizing this well planned and executed liberal layoff data “energize” the liberal Democratic base in terms of voter participation or political contributions. It might help; it certainly couldn’t hurt.
There is little doubt in my mind that the conservatives will attempt to keep the unemployment rate high throughout the nest year. So they will not resume hiring regardless of what job legislation Obama is able to get through Congress. They will continue to justify this non-hiring policy because of the “uncertainties” in the economy which they are themselves creating. They may even lay off some moderate conservative employees who are balking at the extreme workload they are forced to endure. They will do “whatever is necessary” to keep the unemployment rate high.  
The only way to reduce the unemployment rate is to ask liberal owned or controlled businesses to hire even if they do not need to add employees. There is no doubt that hiring additional staff will negatively affect their “bottom line”, but liberal companies have to stop thinking and operating like conservative companies. Liberal businesses can do more to “kick start” the economy than anything that will be passed by the current Congress.
Reagan used this tactic during his reelection campaign in 1984. In June 1983, the unemployment rate was 10.3. By November election, it was 7.2. During the primaries and general election, conservative companies hired new employees by the millions. The unemployment rate fell quickly, and the economy grew substantially. This success was attributed to Reagan’s “Morning in America” leadership. No way. The conservative companies hired the unemployed to keep Reagan in office. They wanted to keep the “trickle down guy” there, and give him a mandate to forcefully push his right-wing anti-liberal agenda through Congress. And he did successfully. Very slick.      
I have written a novel entitled “The Abomination Project”- A Novel for Liberals hypothesizing that the HIV Retrovirus was a man-made bio weapon. You can visit the website to read first 72 pages of the novel, review a list of internet sources for the novel, read blogs, gain information about personality type theory, and obtain contact info. The novel title has its own Facebook page and you can click on “like” to receive updates on your Facebook newsfeeds.

Monday, September 5, 2011

“Second hand smoke” propaganda goes up in smoke

Real scientists, not the ones that are called Epidemiologists, have found the genes that cause (not correlates, but really CAUSES) lung cancer in non-smokers. They have also created a medical treatment which is effective in extending the life of these lung cancer patients.  Read Scientists find gene that causes lung cancer in non-smokers and New drug approved for lung cancer patients.

So what does this scientific discovery do to the anti-smoking whackos’ second hand smoke propaganda? It clearly shows that their justification for smoking restrictions in public venues was nothing more than a feeble social engineering program designed to completely eliminate smoking cigarettes. The non-smoking laws Federal, State, and local governments have passed and are enforcing cannot be supported scientifically and should be immediately be reversed. Eliminated, taken off the books, no smoking signs be taken down.

Would that be enough to correct the discriminatory laws that have proliferated for the past thirty years? Of course not.  Cigarette companies should file a law suit against all entities involved in creating and disseminating second hand smoke propaganda to recover monetary damages their businesses have suffered. A class action suit should be filed by smokers against the same entities for monetary damages they suffered because of this propaganda campaign. And the damages have been extensive. We are talking billions of dollars here.

There are three reasons these suits should be filed. First, the general population should be informed about these scientific findings concerning the genetic cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Law suits would assure that.

Second, the general population would gain a better understanding of how propaganda is developed and disseminated to control their behavior. Hopefully, they will become more skeptical about unscientific and unproven assertions made by whackos that will do or say “whatever is necessary” to achieve their goals.

Third, monetary damages to cigarette companies and smokers must be received to compensate them for the damage inflicted on their businesses lives, and careers. There is nothing like losing money to make whackos think twice about initiating other social engineering propaganda campaigns.

The personality type of people who enthusiastically create and disseminate these social engineering campaigns are discussed in my novel, “The Abomination Project”. Briefly, they are extreme in both extraversion and conservatism.                   

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Email to amfAR concerning origins of HIV Retrovirus

I have recently published a novel entitled “The Abomination Project” which hypothesizes that the HIV Retrovirus was a man-made bio weapon used by Rhodesian and/or South African Government(s) in reaction to the Black Nationalist revolution that occurred in the latter half of the 20th century.
While doing internet research on various topics for the novel, I found Dr. Mathilde Krim mentioned as a scientist who believed that the HIV Retrovirus was accidently man-made while developing a vaccine. She was listed with other discredited theories made by Cantwell, Strecker, etc. I searched for the internet article mentioning her, but could not find it again. I also could not find any posting from her about her theory.
I am hoping you can provide me with the URL of her original posting concerning her theory of man-made HIV Retrovirus. I want to include her original statement in the Sources section of the novel’s website
I have also written a blog concerning the absence of origins research regarding the HIV Retrovirus. I am sure the genetic structure of SIV and HIV Retrovirus have been compared and probabilities calculated supporting either the man-made or natural mutation theory. Some attempt at replication must have been made. The blog is in the Blog section of the website.
In closing, Dr. Krim and amfAR have made extraordinary contributions to the research, prevention, and treatment of AIDS for the past thirty years. These contributions were especially important during the early years of AIDS because of Reagan’s non-response to the pandemic. I am sure you will continue to be a major player in stopping the disease.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Rick Jamrozy, Ph.D.                   

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Epidemiology is not a science

Epidemiology, as a useful science, falls somewhere between creation science and astrology. Their research methodology seems to have been borrowed from actuarial science which appears to be another non-scientific science.
Actuaries work for insurance companies and develop mathematical models that determine the risk of insuring certain people or things. So, life, health, home, casualty, medical malpractice insurance, or any other insurance you can possibly imagine are all grist for their unscientific mill. The premiums you pay for your insurances are developed by actuaries, and it is their job to guarantee that insurance companies make a profit, a large profit. The actuaries are not hired to do research and report how nature works.
Epidemiologists took the concept of risk and actuarial mathematical models and they developed something called a risk factor. No other legitimate science uses this term because it has no real scientific meaning.
Real science uses the terms cause or correlation to describe the results of their scientific research. And they use statistical analysis to determine if there is a relationship between variables and how certain they are that the relationship they are reporting was not obtained by chance or error. Epidemiologists don’t.
An example.  A recent epidemiological study reported that married people live 7 to 15 years longer than “never married” people. So their conclusion was that “never being married” was a risk factor for premature death. If you are an insurance company, you simply raise the premium for never married policy holders and make a bigger profit.
 That is annoying enough, but if you are an epidemiologist working for the Federal government, you take your flawed study to the Secretary of Health and Human Services. You suggest that the Federal government start a propaganda campaign to encourage “never married” citizens to hurry up and get married. And you might take your flawed study to a scientifically illiterate Congressman or Senator and suggest that legislation is needed to force “never married” citizens to marry immediately. After all, lives are at stake. Immediate action must be taken. The “never married” are increasing the cost of health care. Perhaps “never married” income tax rates should be increased. Perhaps “never married” behavior should be criminalized so that they can be forced into rehabilitation programs to alter their “never married” attitudes.
Sounds crazy doesn’t it. But it happens all the time.
What’s wrong with the epidemiological study and its conclusions? Everything. Morbidity is caused by many factors, and usually many factors in combination. Like; race, income, medical service availability, weight, occupation, genetic susceptibility to certain diseases, State of residency, and about two hundred other factors. They took just one possible factor and compared morbidity to the categories of “never married” and “married”. Other factors will most assuredly have a higher correlation with morbidity than whether or not someone is married.  They didn’t even bother to include divorced and windowed people. Sloppy science? Absurd non-science.
But they sent out their press releases to the media outlets and suddenly we are inundated with misleading information. Will a propaganda campaign be forthcoming? Will legislation be introduced when Congress resumes working?
That is the most frustrating part of this situation. Real scientists should be complaining loudly about anybody, citizen or legislator, thinking that epidemiology is a science. And media should simply toss those press releases into the waste can where they belong. I am beginning to think that all epidemiologists are conservatives who are promoting the family values agenda.           

Monday, August 15, 2011

Really now! What was the origin of HIV RETROVIRUS?

The discovery of HIV Retrovirus is almost three decades old. To date approximately 25 million people have died because of this killer disease. Countless millions, perhaps billions, of dollars have been spent on research, prevention, and treatment which is fine, but a clear, definitive statement about the origin of HIV has not been made. Clearly, the absence of this origins statement is inexcusable.
I presume that during the 30 years of its existence, some researchers have compared the genetic structure of SIV with the genetic structure of HIV retrovirus. The differences should allow these researchers to determine the probability that SIV would mutate into HIV retrovirus because of god, natural mutation, or man-made mutation either accidently or purposely. The probability that god made it to punish gays, blacks, hookers, IV drug users, and promiscuous citizens is zero. Something that doesn’t exist can’t create something that does exist. This god theory is just plain stupid.
I would expect that the probability of a natural mutation of SIV into HIV retrovirus would be very low. The natural mutation of a benign monkey virus into a virulent human killer is quite a feat. It would not only have to jump a species, but it would also have to become an indestructible retrovirus. However, the probability would not be zero. Researchers should have determined by now what conditions would be necessary to naturally produce such a mutation. That is, they should be able to replicate the HIV retrovirus mutation in a SIV infected monkey under controlled conditions. If that mutation occurs, then the natural mutation has more weight. The transmission from monkey to man scenario sounds like a fairy tale, but it is possible.
I would expect the man-made mutation theory of SIV to HIV to be much more probable. Researchers should have already tried to replicate the HIV retrovirus by modifying SIV using gene replacement techniques, or if they believe that was created accidently while developing some vaccine, replicate the accidental mutation. If either can be done successfully, then the man-made theory also has more weight.
To prove any theory, repeated replications by different researchers in the laboratory is absolutely necessary. I have not found any publically available information that any replication has been successful or even attempted. So, the question is what have these researchers been doing for the past 30 years?
In my novel, “The Abomination Project”, I conclude that the HIV retrovirus was a man-made Bio weapon that was released into the Sub-Saharan African black population for Geo-political reasons. I won’t repeat all of the circumstantial evidence here in this blog, but it would be simple and inexpensive to make attempts to replicate the mutation of SIV into HIV retrovirus. Publicize the results of these attempts and the unanswered question of man-made or natural mutation would be answered. The failure to publicize research replication attempts to prove the natural mutation or man-made theory of HIV retrovirus automatically makes me think “cover up’.  And that worries me. If it happened once, it could happen again.